Accounts Payable Clerk - Jerome School District Schools

Jerome School District #261
Job Description
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  1. Assist the Business Manager.
  2. Possess the ability to prioritize assignments in a flexible manner to accommodate the changing demands in the office.
  3. Screen and select vendors for purchasing decisions as determined by quality and price of goods and services.
  4. Produce letters, memos and purchase orders as necessary.
  5. Communicate with employees, patrons and vendors in writing and orally.
  6. Receive visitors, answer questions and resolve problems in an appropriate manner.
  7. Record and maintain requisitions, purchase orders and invoices for accounts payable activities.
  8. Provide appropriate reports to district business manager and district administration.
  9. Supervise distribution and metering of out-going and inter-district mail.
  10. Prepare and maintain fixed asset inventory.
  11. Perform other tasks and assume other responsibilities as the District Administration may deem necessary.
  12. Prepare and process payments to vendors in a timely manner.
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