NURSE RN - School Nurse - Jerome School District Schools

Jerome School District #261
Job Description
    1. Provide problem solving services to children and families.
    2. Serve as a member of diagnostic, educational planning and placement committees.
    3. Provide health and wellness screening and health counseling.
    4. Consult with problem-solving, evaluation and IEP teams. 

  1. Superintendent
    1. Building Principals
    2. Special Education Director

  1. Students, while under the care of school nurse.

  1. As set by State of Idaho Registered Nurse Requirements – RN with Pupil Service Staff Certificate
  2. Ability to perform duties in accordance with general educational ethical requirements of the Jerome School District and the State Department of Education

  3. Provides health and wellness screenings and health counseling
  4. Maintains health files and provides results of health screenings to parents and teachers.
  5. Gives necessary medical care, within scope of practice, to students who become ill or are injured on school property or on buses.
  6. Provides education/instruction regarding health related subjects in the classroom, in small groups, and on an individual basis when requested.
  7. Assists administrators to assure student immunization status complies with state law
  8. Assists with administration of medication to students when prescribed by a physician.
  9. Conducts staff development in health related areas when requested.
  10. Provides health training and information to parents as needed.
  11. Serves as a resource person for various committees such as the Wellness Committee and School Safety Committee.
  12. Promotes good health practices through communication with students, parents and staff.
  13.  Monitors and maintains adequate health room supplies for health room.
  14. Participates in IEP Team or other school care teams when requested.
  15. Evaluates health history forms provided by parents or physicians to assist in identifying and accommodating students with medical needs.
  16. Develops health plans when requested by the child study team.
  17. Acts as contact person for physicians and health agencies.
  18. Refers eligible students to homebound services.
  19. Supports wellness programs such as influenza vaccines, blood draws, and blood pressure checks.
  20.  Maintains high standards of ethical behavior and confidentiality of student information.
  21. Complete appropriate reporting requirements in a timely manner.
  22. Evaluate and suggest revisions to the program, as needed.
  23. Conducts home visits when appropriate.
  24. Monitors compliance of school health program with federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies. Initiates program changes as necessary.
  25. Any other duties as directed by the District or Building Administrators.
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