School Psychologist - Jerome School District Schools

Jerome School District #261
Job Description
  1. Evaluates referred pupils as candidates for Special Education Program and presents a report to the local education authority on pupils evaluated.  Testing may include intelligence, achievement, personality, perceptual motor and social/emotional assessments.  Consults with problem-solving, evaluation and IEP teams. 

  1. Valid Idaho Certificate with School Psychologist endorsement.
  2. Ability to perform duties in accordance with general educational ethical requirements of the Jerome School District and the State Department of Education.
  1. Meet students at designated times and locations.
  2. Establish and maintain standards of student behavior.
  3. Assist in development of programs for students with disabilities.
  4. Assist in administration of district group testing program.
  5. Assist in evaluation of district testing program.
  6. Schedule and conduct psychological examinations of referred students and prepare psychological reports.
  7. Participate as team member for problem-solving team, evaluation and IEP team meetings and maintain all required records.
  8. Serve as a consultant to school social workers, case managers and counselors.
  9. Serve as a consultant to problem-solving teams, evaluation teams and IEP teams.
  10. Provide individual counseling and/or therapy as determined by team.
  11. Maintain inventory of equipment and supplies.
  12. Follow curriculum, instruction and assessment practices as approved by the Board of Trustees.
  13. Participate in curriculum, developmental programs and student activities.
  14. Complete appropriate reporting requirements in a timely manner.
  15. Evaluate and suggest revisions to the program, as needed.
  16. Any other duties as directed by the Building Administrator.


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