Many Positions available

Job Description
We are currently looking for individuals who are seeking training and employment opportunities in the following fields:

Job Location             Position                                         Schedule                     Pay Rate
Gooding                 Tower Deck Operators                   6am-6pm                       $16.00
Gooding                 Tower Deck Operators                     6pm-6am                     $16.35
Gooding                 Cheese Warehouse Operator             M-F 8am4:30pm       $13.75
Gooding                 Packaging Operator                         6am-6pm                     $16.00
Gooding                 Packaging Operator                         6pm-6am                     $16.35
Gooding                 Powder Blend                                 6pm-6am                     $16.35
Gooding                 Dairy Sampler                                Nights                         $16.35
Gooding                 Cleaner                                             Days                         $13.75
Gooding                 Freezer Dryer                                     Days                         $16.00
Gooding                 Irrigator                                         M-F 8am-5pm             $14.50
Gooding                 Wastewater                                 Temp M-F 8am-5pm        $16.00
Richfield                 Packaging                                 Days                                 $16.00
Richfield                 Packaging                                 Nights                                 $16.35
Richfield                 Lab                                             Days                                 $16.00
Jerome                 Robot/Forklift Operator             M-F 8am-5pm                     $17.33
Jerome                 Dry Packaging                             Nights                                 $15.98
Jerome                 Dry Packaging                             Days                                     $15.98
Jerome                 Cheese Packager                     Nights                                    $15.10
Jerome                 Cheese Packager                     Days                                     $15.10
Jerome                 Cheese Sanitation                     Days                                     $15.98
Jerome                 Viso Operator                             Days                                     $15.98
Jerome                 Viso Operator                         Nights                                       $15.98
Jerome                 Receiving Operator                 M-W Nights                             $17.33
Twin Falls             Tower Deck Operators             Days                                     $13.75
Twin Falls             Tower Deck Operators             Nights                                     $14.10
Twin Falls             Janitorial                                 Nights                                     $13.00
Twin Falls             Landscaper                             Days                                     $10.00

Networking with BBSI is a rewarding experience that will empower you with the skills and opportunities that you need to succeed. We work closely with trusted companies to bring you the experiences today that will shape your career blueprints for tomorrow. 
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