Entrepreneurship 101: How To Incorporate Self-Care in Your Daily Routine

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December 29, 2022


You carry a lot of responsibility on your shoulders as an entrepreneur. It's easy to fall into the trap of focusing on your business and not taking time to care for yourself. However, self-care is essential to maintain your health and wellness and provide the energy needed to manage all your responsibilities effectively. Here are a few simple tips to help you make self-care a part of your daily routine.


Practice Relaxation Techniques

A common problem for business owners is burnout. Harvard Business review reported a recent study of entrepreneurs that showed all experienced some level of burnout, with 25% indicating feeling it moderately and 3% at an intense level. Finding ways to relax your mind and body to release the tension of the day helps you manage your job stresses. Start with activities you enjoy and commit to doing them regularly. Some simple relaxation ideas include:

  • Outdoor walks

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Yoga

  • Quality time with loved ones

  • Gym workout

  • Hobbies


Get Enough Sleep

Those 80-hour workweeks really don't help you succeed, nor does only sleeping a few hours a night. Do your best to stick to a sleep schedule of seven to eight hours nightly. Whenever you have to work late, allow yourself the luxury of sleeping in the next day, if possible.


Make it a habit to turn all your electronics off by 10 PM and read a fiction book instead. If you have trouble unwinding, try a cold shower which has been proven to release stress, boost your immunity and ease any feeling of depression.


Change Your Business Structure

When filing your business structure, give consideration to filing your company as an LLC. This business type reduces stress due to its tax benefits, flexibility, the lower amount of paperwork and the protection of limiting your liability should you run into future legal challenges.


Each state has its own LLC regulations, so check your state's requirements before proceeding. There's no need to pay a hefty lawyer's fee for the Idaho LLC filing, as you can do it yourself or use an online formation service.


Manage Your Time Efficiently

Time is an essential resource for every entrepreneur and effective time management helps you be more relaxed and productive. First, focus on the vital tasks that need your attention and expertise. Then, schedule time slots in your day and week to complete those tasks. Be sure to leave some unstructured time in your schedule to allow your mind to unwind. Finally, stick to your plan.


Outsource as many tasks as you can to free up more of your time. For example, you can delegate business functions like accounting, payroll, human resources, marketing and technology to companies or freelancers who specialize in these fields.


Streamline communications with your team by using instant messaging apps, video conferencing or project management software tools. For example, if your remote team is using a large PDF file full of images for a project, you can easily add digital sticky notes, text, drawings or highlights with a free PDF editing tool found online. This tool makes it easy to communicate any changes or suggestions in the document instead of explaining your thoughts in a separate lengthy email.


Avoid Burnout – Engage in Self-Care

Adding these self-care habits into your daily routine keeps you healthy and working at your best. They also help you avoid the harmful effects of burnout in the future. Find ways to reduce stress and create time at work by changing your business structure and implementing time management tools to ensure you have the time to practice self-care. Although we often treat it like a luxury, self-care needs to be a necessary aspect of your daily routine.


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